IPhone X Price in India in Rupees, Apple iPhone X Plus cost, Release Date

IPhone X Price in India in Rupees 

IPhone X which is one of the most trending topic now a days all over the world because of its mind blowing features.  Iphone X first release date is 3rd November 2017 but the final date when Iphone X will available in India for Sale is not disclosed or revealed yet by Apple Inc. Along with Iphone X which is called as future of smartphones Apple also released Iphone 8 and Iphone 8 Plus which are available in the market in India and rest of the world. In this blog we will mainly talk about Iphone X price in India, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE and important countries in the world. Before that we want to inform you that this is not an official page and we are not linked with officials in any ways, this is just informative website which will provide you consolidated information about Iphone X price or cost all over the world. If you want to know Iphone X and Iphone X plus price in India then you should read our other dedicated post on: –

Iphone X Price in India

Iphone X Price in India in Rupees
Iphone X Price in India in Rupees

IPhone X specs gsmarena, review, specifications, release date and features

Iphone X has come with many features like full screen design along with wireless charging plus face recognition unlock and much more. We will talk about each feature in detailed below we have listed down it.

  1. Face Unlock

Although this technology is not new but it is enhanced at extreme level so that it can detect your face at any angle at any light and at any place.

  1. Wireless charging

This technology is also not new but now Apple Inc. has made deal with many other companies to provide hardware services at public places like restaurant, air ports and railways so that you can simply place your phone and it will start charging.

  1. Animoji

This is something new where you will able to convey your message through your favorite emoticons. It will exactly copy your expressions and deliver the same message with other special voice tones.

  1. Wide full Screen

This is my favorite feature of Iphone X where you get full screen of your Iphone X as there is no buttons on the front side of phone.

Iphone X Plus price Nov 2017, Release Date in India

Iphone X comes in 2 variants as Iphone X and Iphone X Plus in that also it is divided with memory 64 Gb and 256 GB, so there is no specific price of Iphone X but it will be start at around Rs. 89,000.

In the below table we have provided type wise and memory wise expected price of Iphone X multiple versions in India. For more info if you want to know Iphone X Cost in other countries like USA, UK, Singapore and Australia then visit our other post on: –

Iphone X Price in Australia, Singapore, United States and United Kingdom

Iphone X and Iphone X Plus Cost/Price Table: –

Iphone X Variant

Price in Indian Rupees {Expected*}

Iphone X 64 GBRs 89,000 /-
Iphone X 256 GBRs 1,02,000 /-
Iphone X Plus 64 GBRs 1,00,000 /-
Iphone X Plus 256 GBRs 1,15,000 /-


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